004 | Chain-gang

Chain-gang, Stewart St, Richmond

I loved the balance of this composition.  The scrappiness of the many old paint jobs, throw-ups, and tags contrasted with the crisp outline of the… I don’t know, faces I guess.  Also the colours on the wall form a pleasing gradient from rusty red through to black.

Unfortunately the peons of the hackneyed City of Yarra have since sand-blasted this wall so that all might know the wonder of a life undecorated.


2 Responses to “004 | Chain-gang”

  1. StudioG Says:

    reminds me a lot of mayan glyphic styles. love the textural history under them … as for CoYarra: forgive them for they know not what they do (even unto the ends of the planning scheme)

    • nyphti Says:

      As I doubt they would accept ignorance as cause for reprieve, I’m not especially inclined to either 😉 Mayan glyphs, hey? I see what you mean…

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