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064 | Walk This Way

October 28, 2010

064 | Walk This Way, off Victoria St, Fitzroy

The individual who is doing these outline pieces in Fitzroy is rocking it!  Some really sweet designs: all highly evocative in their posing.


060 | Melbourne East

October 22, 2010

060 | Melbourne East

Cities really are amazing looking things.

058 | Totem Alley

October 20, 2010

058 | Totem Alley

Another photo for which I must thank Andreux; this is of a back street somewhere in Japan.  I haven’t been yet, but soon.

057 | Blue City

October 19, 2010

057 | Blue City

One day I went walking in the city with a friend and a cheap, shitty camera that was, objective faults notwithstanding, the best camera I had hitherto had the opportunity to use, and I prowled the many laneways of Melbourne snapping (mainly) shots of the buildings I really like.

Among them is the building that is probably not recognisable in this photo.  Other elements include the sky tower in Auckland.

042 | Neon Three-Eyes

September 21, 2010

042 | Neon Three-Eyes

I have seen a couple of little characters by this guy (or girl) around; I really dig the way that an intricate character can be built up from a handful of overlapping lines…

039 | Spinal

September 16, 2010

039 | Spinal, off Young St, Fitzroy

I think this may be by the same artist as the mechanical quill, or someone with a very similar style.  It’s probably my favourite section of Young St, which features a rash of interesting scribbles and posters.

036 | Bowser

September 13, 2010

036 | Bowser, Abbotsford Convent

This old petrol-pump, sitting rather incongruously on the grounds of the Abbotsford Convent, was a great find.  Such an evocative image, and it looks so ridiculous sitting in the crook of two brick walls; totally divorced from its own context.

035 | Neon Laneway

September 10, 2010

035 | Neon Laneway, Carlton North

I Love these bluestone laneways that litter Melbourne.  They don’t all look quite like this…

034 | Crated

September 9, 2010

034 | Crated, Fulham Place, Melbourne CBD

Another shot from the old phone, heavily doctored, obviously.  This was taken shortly before a lunchtime electro-acoustic concert.  People sat on the crates, as people are wont to do.  By the way, if you are a person who occasionally sits on crates; this side-ways fashion is much more comfortable than if you put them upside-down.  Old hospo trick.  Also, it slightly diminishes the structural integrity of your makeshift chair.

033 | Mech-Quill

September 8, 2010

033 | Mech-Quill, Black Cat, Fitzroy

This piece of graffiti is on the wall of the Black Cat on Brunswick Street, it’s actually green.  People were looking at me funny when I took some photos of it, which strikes me a bit odd, really.

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