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066 | After The Rain

November 1, 2010

066 | After The Rain, Cremorne

One of the defining characteristics of working with Photoshop, for me, is that most pictures go in multiple directions during the process and I end up with a bunch of similar pieces derived from a single source.

The next couple of weeks I’m focusing on displaying these multiple variations of some works…

This week’s pieces come from one of the many photos of my old backyard in Cremorne, which I found to be frequently photogenic.  Can inanimate objects be photogenic?


064 | Walk This Way

October 28, 2010

064 | Walk This Way, off Victoria St, Fitzroy

The individual who is doing these outline pieces in Fitzroy is rocking it!  Some really sweet designs: all highly evocative in their posing.

062 | Dingle Dangle

October 26, 2010

062 | Dingle Dangle, Der Raum, Richmond

Something in this shot captured the other-worldness of being in Der Raum for me.  If you haven’t been; go.

061 | Sputnik

October 25, 2010

061 | Sputnik, Brunswick St, Fitzroy

It was nice to see this well executed 3-colour stencil up on a frontage on Brunswick St.  Balls of Steel.

060 | Melbourne East

October 22, 2010

060 | Melbourne East

Cities really are amazing looking things.

048 | Big Ess (Variation 01)

September 29, 2010

048 | Big Ess (Variation 01)

More playing with graffiti; I like getting grabs of small parts of pieces so they become even more abstract as they’re separated from their larger context.

047 | Green TM

September 28, 2010

047 | Green TM

The longer I have been interested in graffiti the more I have been able to appreciate the aspects of it that most people don’t; the tags, throwies, and generally scrappy looking walls.  This is part of a series trying to highlight the aesthetic rewards in some of these under-appreciated areas.

043 | Romboy

September 22, 2010

043 | Romboy

Caught Marc Romboy a few weeks ago on a Thursday night; hands-down the best DJ gig I’ve been to this year, probably for many years.   The man is an absolute legend.

042 | Neon Three-Eyes

September 21, 2010

042 | Neon Three-Eyes

I have seen a couple of little characters by this guy (or girl) around; I really dig the way that an intricate character can be built up from a handful of overlapping lines…

039 | Spinal

September 16, 2010

039 | Spinal, off Young St, Fitzroy

I think this may be by the same artist as the mechanical quill, or someone with a very similar style.  It’s probably my favourite section of Young St, which features a rash of interesting scribbles and posters.

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