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080 | Jack

November 19, 2010

080 | Jack

The Ripper Cometh.


059 | Facticius Mors

October 21, 2010

059 | Facticius Mors

This is a crop of a major piece from the Photoshop course mentioned last week.

The task was to create a character through a sample-based approach.  My character was intended to be an anthropomorphic interpretation of artificial death, which, presumably, serves as the counterpoint to artificial life.

044 | Burton Three-Eyes

September 23, 2010

044 | Burton Three-Eyes

The ACMI was recently in the grip of Burton Fever; a dire malady that causes all exposed to it to cackle madly and sprout additional eyes/hair/appendages.

042 | Neon Three-Eyes

September 21, 2010

042 | Neon Three-Eyes

I have seen a couple of little characters by this guy (or girl) around; I really dig the way that an intricate character can be built up from a handful of overlapping lines…

041 | Antonio Attacks

September 20, 2010

041 | Antonio Attacks

A friend brought me my first Piperoids (toy robots constructed from paper tubes) from Japan (where else?) when he last visited.  I’m quietly obsessed with these little guys, although Antonio has spent a disproportionate amount of his time causing trouble…

016 | Viking Sketch

August 16, 2010

016 | Viking Sketch, George Town

This rates as the second most incongruous piece of graffiti I’ve ever seen, after a lurid green stencil of an alien that adorns a water tank at a highway toilet rest-stop somewhere between Nowehere, Western NSW and a town with altogether to many occurrences of  “urra”, “irra”, “arra”, and the like, in it’s name..

012 | Everfresh Tiki

August 10, 2010

012 | Everfresh Tiki, Rose St, Fitzroy

If you live in Melbourne, you are probably familiar with the Everfresh crew; their murals are all over the inner city, and members have had numerous shows.  They produce some of the most crisp, bold street-art I’ve seen.

008 | ‘I Think So Too’

August 4, 2010

‘I Think So Too’, Jln Panggong, Kuala Lumpur

A playful piece of graffiti in China Town, KL.  I liked the cartooniness (or maybe the cartonishness?) of this piece, and the fact that it’s on unpainted concrete with nothing else around it.

005 | Stick-men detail, NGV International Foyer, St Kilda Rd

July 30, 2010

This shot combines two of my favourite features of the NGV International; the stick-men sculptures in the foyer, and the water wall.

004 | Chain-gang

July 29, 2010

Chain-gang, Stewart St, Richmond

I loved the balance of this composition.  The scrappiness of the many old paint jobs, throw-ups, and tags contrasted with the crisp outline of the… I don’t know, faces I guess.  Also the colours on the wall form a pleasing gradient from rusty red through to black.

Unfortunately the peons of the hackneyed City of Yarra have since sand-blasted this wall so that all might know the wonder of a life undecorated.

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