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078 | Bowed

November 17, 2010

078 | Bowed

Jón Þór “Jónsi” Birgisson of Sigur Ros doing wonderful and terrible things with a bow and a Les Paul.


064 | Walk This Way

October 28, 2010

064 | Walk This Way, off Victoria St, Fitzroy

The individual who is doing these outline pieces in Fitzroy is rocking it!  Some really sweet designs: all highly evocative in their posing.

061 | Sputnik

October 25, 2010

061 | Sputnik, Brunswick St, Fitzroy

It was nice to see this well executed 3-colour stencil up on a frontage on Brunswick St.  Balls of Steel.

054 | Under The Eye

October 14, 2010

054 | Under The Eye

This shot is from a party some years ago.  I have to thank Ben for the original photo (I think).

053 | Eric The Red

October 13, 2010

053 | Eric The Red

Not his real name, which has been changed to protect the guilty.  The innocent require no protection.

052 | Scanner Blurredly

October 12, 2010

052 | Scanner Blurredly

This picture, when it was finished, really reminded me of the style in the recentish film version of ‘Scanner Darkly’; it wasn’t a look I was deliberately going for, just the product of circumstance.

048 | Big Ess (Variation 01)

September 29, 2010

048 | Big Ess (Variation 01)

More playing with graffiti; I like getting grabs of small parts of pieces so they become even more abstract as they’re separated from their larger context.

047 | Green TM

September 28, 2010

047 | Green TM

The longer I have been interested in graffiti the more I have been able to appreciate the aspects of it that most people don’t; the tags, throwies, and generally scrappy looking walls.  This is part of a series trying to highlight the aesthetic rewards in some of these under-appreciated areas.

042 | Neon Three-Eyes

September 21, 2010

042 | Neon Three-Eyes

I have seen a couple of little characters by this guy (or girl) around; I really dig the way that an intricate character can be built up from a handful of overlapping lines…

039 | Spinal

September 16, 2010

039 | Spinal, off Young St, Fitzroy

I think this may be by the same artist as the mechanical quill, or someone with a very similar style.  It’s probably my favourite section of Young St, which features a rash of interesting scribbles and posters.

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