070 | After The Symmetry 04

November 5, 2010

070 | After The Symmetry 04

I don’t even have anything unintelligent left to say…


069 | After The Symmetry 03

November 4, 2010

069 | After The Symmetry 03

I have nothing intelligent left to say…  The images must speak for themselves… Luckily they are worth many words…

068 | After The Symmetry 02

November 3, 2010

068 | After The Symmetry 02

Today is Wednesday.  True story.

067 | After The Symmetry 01

November 2, 2010

067 | After The Symmetry 01

I find symmetrical compositions based on photos of fairly inane or banal material can yield fascinatingly complex results.  All of these pieces have an air of abstract fantasy art from ‘80s and ‘90s for me…

066 | After The Rain

November 1, 2010

066 | After The Rain, Cremorne

One of the defining characteristics of working with Photoshop, for me, is that most pictures go in multiple directions during the process and I end up with a bunch of similar pieces derived from a single source.

The next couple of weeks I’m focusing on displaying these multiple variations of some works…

This week’s pieces come from one of the many photos of my old backyard in Cremorne, which I found to be frequently photogenic.  Can inanimate objects be photogenic?

065 | Space Invader

October 29, 2010

065 | Space Invader

At a recent AR party at Loop I caught a number of shots of the stunning (as always) visual work of Jem the Misfit.  This one has been played with a bit and from it emerged a shape I found disturbingly familiar.

064 | Walk This Way

October 28, 2010

064 | Walk This Way, off Victoria St, Fitzroy

The individual who is doing these outline pieces in Fitzroy is rocking it!  Some really sweet designs: all highly evocative in their posing.

063 | Red Lotus Eater

October 27, 2010

063 | Red Lotus Eater

I have recently experienced something of a revival of interest in highly symmetrical designs.  This piece is a re-experiment into this style.

062 | Dingle Dangle

October 26, 2010

062 | Dingle Dangle, Der Raum, Richmond

Something in this shot captured the other-worldness of being in Der Raum for me.  If you haven’t been; go.

061 | Sputnik

October 25, 2010

061 | Sputnik, Brunswick St, Fitzroy

It was nice to see this well executed 3-colour stencil up on a frontage on Brunswick St.  Balls of Steel.

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