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026 | Secure Communications

August 30, 2010

026 | Secure Communications, Spencer Street Station, Melbourne

I liked the way the lines in this set up crossed, for some reason I’ve always found security cameras to be aesthetically interesting…


021 | Thin Yellow Line

August 23, 2010

021 | Thin Yellow Line, Richmond Station

Another shot from Richmond Station, and from the old phone.

019 | Chinatown High-rise from the LRT

August 19, 2010

019 | Chinatown High-rise from the LRT, Kuala Lumpur

The LRT is KL is a small, driverless train.  The lack of a driver provides passengers a viewing platform out the front and back of the carriages, and is also something of a novelty.  And a little scary.  This shot is looking back at Chinatown, en route to KLCC.

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