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060 | Melbourne East

October 22, 2010

060 | Melbourne East

Cities really are amazing looking things.


032 | Symmetry Mist

September 7, 2010

032 | Symmetry Mist

A rather simple application of Photoshop filters/blending modes, which I think is, nevertheless, visually effective.

031 | Twilight

September 6, 2010

031 | Twilight, Lennox Street, Cremorne

Due to the conspiracy of 1 sad, lonely, unimaginative author, and about 108 sad, lonely, unimaginative teenage girls ‘twilight’ has become a dirty word for those of us who are offended by grandiose displays of mopey, self-satisfying onanism.  And that’s a shame, because it’s really quite a cool word.

023 | Mountain Ash

August 25, 2010

023 | Mountain Ash, somewhere near Healesville

A friend of mine’s been holding a private festival out in the bush for a few years now, it was incredibly misty when we rocked up and quite beautiful…  Slightly less beautiful when the rain was coming down sideways and the leeches emerged in droves…

017 | Looking West

August 17, 2010

017 | Looking West, Richmond Station

This shot is from one of my old phones, taken many years ago, when I lived in Richmond…  Tweaked more recently…

015 | KL Needle Tower

August 13, 2010

015 | KL Needle Tower, Kuala Lumpur

The tracts of jungle penetrating even the most central areas of KL make for some nice views contrasting the native plant-life and some pretty interesting architecture.

014 | Sunset From Flight D72722

August 12, 2010

014 | Sunset From Flight D72722, somewhere over central Australia

Anything to do with the sky always looks great from a plane, because you’re in it I guess.  This was the last photo from our trip to Malaysia; taken as the sun and our mode of transport crossed paths over the dessert.

010 | Batu Caves

August 6, 2010

010 | Batu Caves (Interior), Kuala Lumpur

272 steps, crazy limestone formations, and an army of macaques that could probably take over KL if they had the inclination, what more could one ask for?

007 | Sunset, Batu Ferringhi

August 3, 2010

Sunset, Batu Ferringhi

It happens everywhere in the world, and is objectively largely the same, yet it seems so unique with each experience.

003 | Rickshaws

July 28, 2010

Richshaws Outside the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, George Town

A (not actually particularly) recent holiday to Malaysia presented a wealth of photo-ops.  This mansion, owned by ‘the Rockefeller of the East’, was amazingly restored and appointed.  The rickshaws were a great example of when you find a scene that is already a photo, just waiting for a frame.

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