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032 | Symmetry Mist

September 7, 2010

032 | Symmetry Mist

A rather simple application of Photoshop filters/blending modes, which I think is, nevertheless, visually effective.


024 | Intersection

August 26, 2010

024 | Intersection, somewhere near Meredith

I had to take this photo.  The cliché of this kind of image was too much to resist.  Once again an old photo from the old phone.  We were on our way to Meredith music festival at the time; the last commercial music festival I attended (some years ago), it’s a worrying sign when the drive up to the festival is the best part of the weekend…

023 | Mountain Ash

August 25, 2010

023 | Mountain Ash, somewhere near Healesville

A friend of mine’s been holding a private festival out in the bush for a few years now, it was incredibly misty when we rocked up and quite beautiful…  Slightly less beautiful when the rain was coming down sideways and the leeches emerged in droves…

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