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066 | After The Rain

November 1, 2010

066 | After The Rain, Cremorne

One of the defining characteristics of working with Photoshop, for me, is that most pictures go in multiple directions during the process and I end up with a bunch of similar pieces derived from a single source.

The next couple of weeks I’m focusing on displaying these multiple variations of some works…

This week’s pieces come from one of the many photos of my old backyard in Cremorne, which I found to be frequently photogenic.  Can inanimate objects be photogenic?


062 | Dingle Dangle

October 26, 2010

062 | Dingle Dangle, Der Raum, Richmond

Something in this shot captured the other-worldness of being in Der Raum for me.  If you haven’t been; go.

031 | Twilight

September 6, 2010

031 | Twilight, Lennox Street, Cremorne

Due to the conspiracy of 1 sad, lonely, unimaginative author, and about 108 sad, lonely, unimaginative teenage girls ‘twilight’ has become a dirty word for those of us who are offended by grandiose displays of mopey, self-satisfying onanism.  And that’s a shame, because it’s really quite a cool word.

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