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050 | CFTM Bonsai

October 1, 2010

050 | CFTM Bonsai

This is another photo from the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in George Town.  A very tastefully positioned tree (not actually a Bonsai, but it sounded cool).


029 | Push-me, Pull-you

September 2, 2010

029 | Push-me, Pull-you

A brilliant example of cross-cultural, cross-language confusion; obviously the core purpose of the writing was understood, but the finer details didn’t quite make it to the station.

028 | Pedestrian

September 1, 2010

028 | Pedestrian

This just kind of jumped off the road at me…

022 | Off The Track

August 24, 2010

022 | Off The Track, Lebuh Chulia, George Town

There were, not surprising, a wealth tiny nooks and alleys off the streets of George Town.  None of them looked especially pleasant up close, but from far enough away many of them cut a nice series of shapes.

019 | Chinatown High-rise from the LRT

August 19, 2010

019 | Chinatown High-rise from the LRT, Kuala Lumpur

The LRT is KL is a small, driverless train.  The lack of a driver provides passengers a viewing platform out the front and back of the carriages, and is also something of a novelty.  And a little scary.  This shot is looking back at Chinatown, en route to KLCC.

016 | Viking Sketch

August 16, 2010

016 | Viking Sketch, George Town

This rates as the second most incongruous piece of graffiti I’ve ever seen, after a lurid green stencil of an alien that adorns a water tank at a highway toilet rest-stop somewhere between Nowehere, Western NSW and a town with altogether to many occurrences of  “urra”, “irra”, “arra”, and the like, in it’s name..

015 | KL Needle Tower

August 13, 2010

015 | KL Needle Tower, Kuala Lumpur

The tracts of jungle penetrating even the most central areas of KL make for some nice views contrasting the native plant-life and some pretty interesting architecture.

010 | Batu Caves

August 6, 2010

010 | Batu Caves (Interior), Kuala Lumpur

272 steps, crazy limestone formations, and an army of macaques that could probably take over KL if they had the inclination, what more could one ask for?

008 | ‘I Think So Too’

August 4, 2010

‘I Think So Too’, Jln Panggong, Kuala Lumpur

A playful piece of graffiti in China Town, KL.  I liked the cartooniness (or maybe the cartonishness?) of this piece, and the fact that it’s on unpainted concrete with nothing else around it.

007 | Sunset, Batu Ferringhi

August 3, 2010

Sunset, Batu Ferringhi

It happens everywhere in the world, and is objectively largely the same, yet it seems so unique with each experience.

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