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080 | Jack

November 19, 2010

080 | Jack

The Ripper Cometh.


079 | Votive

November 18, 2010

079 | Votive

065 | Space Invader

October 29, 2010

065 | Space Invader

At a recent AR party at Loop I caught a number of shots of the stunning (as always) visual work of Jem the Misfit.  This one has been played with a bit and from it emerged a shape I found disturbingly familiar.

063 | Red Lotus Eater

October 27, 2010

063 | Red Lotus Eater

I have recently experienced something of a revival of interest in highly symmetrical designs.  This piece is a re-experiment into this style.

043 | Romboy

September 22, 2010

043 | Romboy

Caught Marc Romboy a few weeks ago on a Thursday night; hands-down the best DJ gig I’ve been to this year, probably for many years.   The man is an absolute legend.

040 | Lowlight Protraits 01 | Noha

September 17, 2010

040 | Lowlight Protraits 01 | Noha

I have always loved the mobile phone photography; primarily for the restrictions it imposes over more expensive, higher-resolution alternatives.  It was this photo that made me truly aware of the exact strengths of the iPhone camera in this regard: in low-light it really comes into its own, creating high-impact effect without the need for further editing…

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