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059 | Facticius Mors

October 21, 2010

059 | Facticius Mors

This is a crop of a major piece from the Photoshop course mentioned last week.

The task was to create a character through a sample-based approach.  My character was intended to be an anthropomorphic interpretation of artificial death, which, presumably, serves as the counterpoint to artificial life.


057 | Blue City

October 19, 2010

057 | Blue City

One day I went walking in the city with a friend and a cheap, shitty camera that was, objective faults notwithstanding, the best camera I had hitherto had the opportunity to use, and I prowled the many laneways of Melbourne snapping (mainly) shots of the buildings I really like.

Among them is the building that is probably not recognisable in this photo.  Other elements include the sky tower in Auckland.

041 | Antonio Attacks

September 20, 2010

041 | Antonio Attacks

A friend brought me my first Piperoids (toy robots constructed from paper tubes) from Japan (where else?) when he last visited.  I’m quietly obsessed with these little guys, although Antonio has spent a disproportionate amount of his time causing trouble…

001 | Daisuke Jigen Greets the Sun

July 26, 2010

Diasuke Jigen

Daisuke Jigen Greets the Sun

In the beginning there was Daisuke Jigen, and he paused for a smoke as the sun rose.

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