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079 | Votive

November 18, 2010

079 | Votive


065 | Space Invader

October 29, 2010

065 | Space Invader

At a recent AR party at Loop I caught a number of shots of the stunning (as always) visual work of Jem the Misfit.  This one has been played with a bit and from it emerged a shape I found disturbingly familiar.

062 | Dingle Dangle

October 26, 2010

062 | Dingle Dangle, Der Raum, Richmond

Something in this shot captured the other-worldness of being in Der Raum for me.  If you haven’t been; go.

049 | Blue Wash

September 30, 2010

049 | Blue Wash

Another piece following a theme; my obsession with motion-blurred photos of lights.  This one is from Christmas in July.

030 | The Driver

September 3, 2010

030 | The Driver

I love blurry shots of lights and night-time car trips are the perfect opportunity to catch them.  I took this and about 70 other photos during a 10-minute car trip.  Of course most of them were decidedly average, but that the way it goes, I guess.

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