In the past there was paper.  Much paper, many and varied.

In the future there is no paper.  But there are computers as thin as paper that you can fold up and put in your pocket.  And then forget about and put through the wash (yes, there are still washing machines in the future).

For now you will have to settle for images 1536 pixels wide and 2048 high, but only a single pixel thick.  Think about it.  Actually don’t.

Refreshed daily from the addled banks of my limited attention span.


3 Responses to “AboutPaper”

  1. fingerbum Says:

    i want to see the castle of cagliostro pics,
    and a tribute to TRON

    yours faithfully

  2. StudioG Says:

    like the first post…
    no doubt the “about” rant is inspired in part by your re-reading of Diamond Age, right?

    • nyphti Says:


      Actually I wrote that a while back. But insofar as everything I write is somewhat inspired by my regular reading of Stephenson and other verbose authors such as Warren Ellis, yes; it is so inspired…

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