080 | Jack

080 | Jack

The Ripper Cometh.


2 Responses to “080 | Jack”

  1. StudioG Says:

    i like it…
    from one photoshop geek to another: is the zoom-blur a post effect, or part of the original image?
    if it’s post- it would be more clean/convincing if you did it over the whole composite (incl. shadow)

    • nyphti Says:

      The zoom-blur effect is not actually an effect, but an artifact of an effect; the background is mirrored and blended, the unevenness of some elements in the background creates the blur. The figure/shadow basically disappeared in the transformation so I put it in as another layer on top.. didn’t think of blurring it too…

      It’s interesting you always seem to be most interested in the pictures that are my personal favourites…

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