061 | Sputnik

061 | Sputnik, Brunswick St, Fitzroy

It was nice to see this well executed 3-colour stencil up on a frontage on Brunswick St.  Balls of Steel.


2 Responses to “061 | Sputnik”

  1. StudioG Says:

    love the japanese feel to it… even nicer to see someone has painted around? the stencil with a roller?
    guessing ur using sputnik in a figurative sense? looks like an SSBS (spy satellite) definitely not sputnik tho 😉

    • nyphti Says:

      Yes, the Sputnik tag is for the evocativeness of the word rather than any specific reference. I think satellites should be called sputniks; generisisation for the space programme. I don’t think it’s been painted around, I think the white is the first layer of the stencil…

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