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065 | Space Invader

October 29, 2010

065 | Space Invader

At a recent AR party at Loop I caught a number of shots of the stunning (as always) visual work of Jem the Misfit.  This one has been played with a bit and from it emerged a shape I found disturbingly familiar.


064 | Walk This Way

October 28, 2010

064 | Walk This Way, off Victoria St, Fitzroy

The individual who is doing these outline pieces in Fitzroy is rocking it!  Some really sweet designs: all highly evocative in their posing.

063 | Red Lotus Eater

October 27, 2010

063 | Red Lotus Eater

I have recently experienced something of a revival of interest in highly symmetrical designs.  This piece is a re-experiment into this style.

062 | Dingle Dangle

October 26, 2010

062 | Dingle Dangle, Der Raum, Richmond

Something in this shot captured the other-worldness of being in Der Raum for me.  If you haven’t been; go.

061 | Sputnik

October 25, 2010

061 | Sputnik, Brunswick St, Fitzroy

It was nice to see this well executed 3-colour stencil up on a frontage on Brunswick St.  Balls of Steel.

060 | Melbourne East

October 22, 2010

060 | Melbourne East

Cities really are amazing looking things.

059 | Facticius Mors

October 21, 2010

059 | Facticius Mors

This is a crop of a major piece from the Photoshop course mentioned last week.

The task was to create a character through a sample-based approach.  My character was intended to be an anthropomorphic interpretation of artificial death, which, presumably, serves as the counterpoint to artificial life.

058 | Totem Alley

October 20, 2010

058 | Totem Alley

Another photo for which I must thank Andreux; this is of a back street somewhere in Japan.  I haven’t been yet, but soon.

057 | Blue City

October 19, 2010

057 | Blue City

One day I went walking in the city with a friend and a cheap, shitty camera that was, objective faults notwithstanding, the best camera I had hitherto had the opportunity to use, and I prowled the many laneways of Melbourne snapping (mainly) shots of the buildings I really like.

Among them is the building that is probably not recognisable in this photo.  Other elements include the sky tower in Auckland.

056 | Take The Blue Door

October 18, 2010

056 | Take The Blue Door

This piece is from a time when I didn’t have a camera worth even half a dam and used to get people to give me photos to play with in Photoshop. This is from Andreux (thanks); I think it’s of a back entrance to a server room somewhere in Melbourne.

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