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027 | Overgrown

August 31, 2010

027 | Overgrown

Out the back of a friend’s old place; something about the clutter of individual elements and the colouring caught my eye.


026 | Secure Communications

August 30, 2010

026 | Secure Communications, Spencer Street Station, Melbourne

I liked the way the lines in this set up crossed, for some reason I’ve always found security cameras to be aesthetically interesting…

025 | Let There Be Light

August 27, 2010

025 | Let There Be Light

I often use the camera on my phone as a graphic sampler, pulling elements from photos to combine with others, or just tweak on their own, this is an example of such…

024 | Intersection

August 26, 2010

024 | Intersection, somewhere near Meredith

I had to take this photo.  The cliché of this kind of image was too much to resist.  Once again an old photo from the old phone.  We were on our way to Meredith music festival at the time; the last commercial music festival I attended (some years ago), it’s a worrying sign when the drive up to the festival is the best part of the weekend…

023 | Mountain Ash

August 25, 2010

023 | Mountain Ash, somewhere near Healesville

A friend of mine’s been holding a private festival out in the bush for a few years now, it was incredibly misty when we rocked up and quite beautiful…  Slightly less beautiful when the rain was coming down sideways and the leeches emerged in droves…

022 | Off The Track

August 24, 2010

022 | Off The Track, Lebuh Chulia, George Town

There were, not surprising, a wealth tiny nooks and alleys off the streets of George Town.  None of them looked especially pleasant up close, but from far enough away many of them cut a nice series of shapes.

021 | Thin Yellow Line

August 23, 2010

021 | Thin Yellow Line, Richmond Station

Another shot from Richmond Station, and from the old phone.

020 | Autoshop Detail

August 20, 2010

020 | Autoshop Detail, Johnston Street, Fitzroy

There is a reasonable amount of high-quality graffiti around Fitzroy, this piece never really jumped out at me ’til recently, I suspect because it normally has cars parked in front of it…

019 | Chinatown High-rise from the LRT

August 19, 2010

019 | Chinatown High-rise from the LRT, Kuala Lumpur

The LRT is KL is a small, driverless train.  The lack of a driver provides passengers a viewing platform out the front and back of the carriages, and is also something of a novelty.  And a little scary.  This shot is looking back at Chinatown, en route to KLCC.

018 | Red Bamboo

August 18, 2010

018 | Red Bamboo

It’s bamboo.  It’s red.

Kinda makes me think of Samurai Champloo a bit…

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